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Hi there, this is Jen from Oof! Right in the Childhood popping into your feed mid week to let you know about something exciting that’s coming next month.

When I set forth to make this podcast, I set a few rules to determine whether I’d review and commentate on a film in the main feed. 

The first rule was that the film be fully or over 90% animated. Whether by hand, computer, or clay.

Second, that the film was produced by Walt Disney Productions. There are plenty of films that are distributed or owned by Disney nowadays, but I wanted productions that were made by Disney.

Third, the film had to have been released into theatres before home video. 

And finally, each film had to be over 60 minutes in length. That means Dumbo was a close call. 

But I think that there is so much depth to explore in Disney that doesn’t meet these criteria, so I’ll be releasing a bonus episode at the first of every month to my Twitterpated Patreons (that’s the $5 per month level) or higher.

In October, I’ll be discussing the propaganda that Walt Disney Productions released during World War II. There’s a lot of history there, and I’ll be synopsizing and commentating on the animated portions of eight different pieces that were released during the war. 

But patrons also get to decide which Bonus Episodes they want to hear. When you support this podcast at the $5 per month level, you get access to the show’s Discord. Just pop into the “Bonus Episode Suggestion” channel to let me know which movies you’d like to learn about. There will also be a vote between two popular suggestions, so you get full say.

If you’re already a patron, I really appreciate it, and if you’re not, that’s totally okay. I love all of my listeners. But if you want to hear about some of the more unconventional productions of Disney, join my Patreon now so you don’t miss a single bonus episode!


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