Podcast Update and Acknowledgement (Promo #2)

Hi there, this is Jen from Oof! Right in the Childhood with a second promo for the early subscribers. Our first two episodes will release next Monday, August 24, and then every Monday after that. I wanted to give you a couple of head’s up before we get started.

The podcast is now available on over a dozen podcatchers, and that number is growing every day, so please tell your friends about it. I’m sure it’s available almost anywhere that podcasts are heard. I also now have a website and social media accounts for the podcast. You can check out the website at oofmychildhood.com and search the podcast’s name on Twitter and Facebook. Its Twitter handle is @oofmychildhood On the website, you can find links to Episode transcripts and YouTube videos with captioning. It also has links to the show’s press kit and Patreon account. There are two things that Oof! Right in the Childhood wants to do differently. First, I’d like to feature different artists in our cover art. I have a great friend who’s doing fan art for my first few pieces, but if you like to draw Disney Fan Art and would like to have your art featured as the cover for an episode, please head to the website and click “Submit your fan art.” Anyone whose art is featured will be mentioned by name with a link to their portfolio or other website of their choice. Second, I don’t want to use the behemoth companies that sell advertisements for this podcast. The monetization feature on the host I use isn’t available for Canada, and it seemed that my only other option was a giant corporation that sold ads for other giant corporations. I don’t want to do that. Instead, if you or someone you know has a small business who thinks their brand could benefit from podcast advertising, direct them to the website under “Sponsor an episode.” Finally, I want to take a moment to thank all of the people who have helped me so far. The podcast now has theme music from Shawn Rudolph of Let music dot be, and Melissa Willmott is editing and finalizing the transcripts and syncing them to YouTube videos. I really hope you’ll join me next week when I talk about Snow White & the Seven Dwarves and Pinocchio. Both have really cool histories, but they also have moments that make you say “Oof! Right in the childhood”

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