Submit Your Art

I love fan art. For my first few episodes, I had an amazing friend create covers for the movies in question. But as we grow in listenership, I'd love to see our fan's fan art! You can submit your fan art here.

Every artist featured on Oof! Right in the Childhood will be mentioned by name, and a link to their chosen website or social media will be included in the episode's notes on all podcatchers and on this website. 

Because I can only feature one artist per episode, when I have more than one amazing image, I'll make a gallery on the episode here to display and link the other art I've received.

Read below to get details of what we require for images and what goes into the decision making.


Image guidelines and restrictions

Images submitted through this form must be designed by the artist named above.

Media used in the original work is not restricted. Art may be hand-drawn, painted, sculpted, sewn, or any other method you wish. There are no restrictions on colour use in pieces. However, the media submitted must be digital and able to be uploaded above.

Final submitted images must be square (1:1 image aspect ratio). Non-square images may be cropped to be square.

Final digital images must be a minimum of 1400 pixels square. Images may not exceed 50 MB or 20 Megapixels in size.

Final images will have a digital border applied to incorporate match the style of other covers. They may also have a speech bubble with the word "Oof!" overlaid.

In the case that more than one image is submitted for one episode, I'll attempt to incorporate as many images and links to portfolios into the blog post as possible.

No image containing drug use, gore, nudity, or sexually explicit content will be considered for a cover or other featured images.

Image License Agreement

By submitting an image through the above form, you agree to an Image Licensing Agreement ("the Agreement") between yourself ("the Artist") and Oof! Right in the Childhood ("the Podcaster") from the date that the image is received until such time that you revoke said license.

1. License: The Artist agrees hereby grants the Podcaster a limited license to use the submitted artwork ("the Piece"):

The Podcaster is authorized to use the Piece as the cover art for a single episode ("the Episode) on all platforms where the Podcast is broadcast, including, but not limited to, their website, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

2. Ownership: The Podcaster agrees that, subject to the licenses and rights herein, the Artist is and will remain the sole and exclusive owner of of all right, title, and interest throughout the world. All usage of the Piece will be solely as cover art for the Episode that has been pre-agreed between the Artist and the Podcaster.

The Podcaster also agrees that they will not reproduce the Piece with the intention to create merchandise or any other for-profit application.

In the case where the Podcaster wishes to reuse the Piece, the Artist will be contacted in order to arrive at a licensing agreement.

3. Fee: The Piece is being submitted with the understanding that, if it is used for the Podcast, there will be no monetary exchange between the Podcaster and the Artist exclusively for the use of the Piece for cover art for the Episode.

In the case where the Podcaster wishes to reuse the Piece, the Artist and Podcaster will come to a mutually beneficial monetary agreement at that time.

4. Useage: The Podcaster agrees only to use the Piece for the agreed upon application(s). The Podcaster also agrees to acknowledge the Artist [whether by legal or chosen name] and, when provided, the Podcaster agrees to provide a link to the Artist's other work on all platforms where the Piece is used as cover art that allow such a link.